Toned Milk Suppliers in Hyderabad

If you like your milk rich but not too heavy, then toned milk is a good choice.Toned milk from Saraswati dairy is Homogenized with good taste.

Less creamy and less thick but with all the vitamin and nutrient benefits of milk intact. This milk is low in fat & suitable for daily use especially for the weight conscious.

Toned milk is a technique, created in India, of treating wild ox milk by including skim milk, powdered skim milk and water to bison milk. This procedure diminishes the fat substance, expands the amount of accessible milk, and ‘tones up’ the non-fat solids level to the first sum. The expense of the milk is diminished, making it all the more generally accessible and not an extravagance buy.

Toned milk is regularly utilized in territories where milk generation is incredibly low or request is extremely high contrasted with the accessible limit. In these cases, untreated milk will in general be high in fat, and mechanical evacuation of the milk-fat would be cost-restrictive.

Wild ox milk has a fat substance of around 7-8%, and contains calcium and a non-fat solids substance of 9-10%. By decreasing the fat substance to 3% through the conditioning procedure, the accessible milk amount is almost significantly increased.

All through the world, in excess of six billion individuals expend milk and milk items. More than 750 million individuals live in dairy cultivating families.