Toned Milk

If you like your milk rich but not too heavy, then toned milk is a good choice. Toned milk from Saraswati dairy is Homogenised with good taste. Less creamy and less thick but with all the vitamin and nutrient benefits of milk intact. This milk is low in fat & suitable for daily use especially for the weight conscious.


Whole Milk

Whole milk from saraswati dairy is pure and thick. This milk is Homogenised and free from bacteria. Rich in fats, its a wholesome food source for young kids. It is a great source of thick cream and therefore also useful to make butter and ghee.Great tasting milk to make yummy desserts & shakes.

Pure Cow Milk

Pure Cow milk from Saraswati dairy is Homogenised & Healthy. Our Cow milk is fresh and rich in taste. Procured from the best of the cows, we promise the purest and healthiest among cow milk in the city.It is a power-packed nourishment food, especially for growing children and women.