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The word paneer entered English from the Hindi and Urdu term panīr, which originates from Persian panir , signifying “cheddar” when all is said in done, and at last from Old Iranian. Armenian panir , Azerbaijani pəndir, Turkish peynir and Turkmen peýnir, all got from Persian panir, likewise allude to cheddar of any sort. The starting point of paneer itself is discussed. Vedic Indian, Afghan-Iranian and Portuguese-Bengali birthplaces have been proposed for paneer.

In view of writings, for example, Charaka Samhita, BN Mathur composed that the soonest proof of a warmth corrosive coagulated milk item in India can be followed to 75-300 CE, in the Kushan-Satavahana time. Sunil Kumar et al. translate this item as the present-day paneer. As indicated by them, paneer is indigenous to north-western piece of South Asia, and was presented in India by Afghan and Iranian explorers.

For the creation of what is today called chhana, the Manasollasa suggests the expansion of a harsh substance (even acrid curds from a past activity) to bubbled milk, after which the accelerate was isolated, the cheddar at that point blended with rice flour and molded into different balls, and afterward southern style to make desserts. National Dairy Research Institute expresses that paneer was brought into India by Afghan and Iranian intruders.

The Portuguese may have presented the system of “breaking” milk with corrosive to Bengal in the seventeenth century. Subsequently, Indian corrosive set cheeses, for example, paneer and chhena were first arranged in Bengal, under Portuguese impact.

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Paneer also called as Cottage Cheese is a star ingredient in many Indian recipes. With its high protein value, its the most sought after ingredient in starters, main course and also deserts.

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